Terms of Use

For Students

  • To follow all school rules and regulations. Any infringement thereof will invite suitable punishment.
  • To pay full attention to their studies and in no case disturb other students. To be regular and punctual in all school activities including completing of class work, homework and other assignment.
  • To be polite in speech and dignified and respectful in conduct towards all.
  • To be friendly and cooperative with other students.
  • To be careful about their belongings and to keep them in order.
  • To be mindful of school property. Any damage or breakage to school property will be dealt with sternly.
  • To be tidy in dress and neat in appearance.
  • To communicate with each other in English.
  • To abstain from foul speech, pilferage, infighting or groupism. Indulgence in these might lead to expulsion.

For Parents

  • You are requested to bring the child to the school on the specified date so that studies may not be hampered.
  • Please supply all dresses and other articles as per the given list to avoid inconvenient to the child. Short-sized and torn clothes may please be replaced.
  • You should please deposit the school fee on the given time to help us in running the school smoothly.
  • Date for first installment  - 1st week of April
  • Date for second installment - 1st week of November
  • You are requested to restrict your visit to the last Sunday of the month. Your visiting the child on other days cause a lot of inconvenience.
  • Please don't forget to bring the Identify card whenever you visit the school.
  • Please don't bring any such eatable items for the child which might harm his health.
  • Kindly see that the child completes all home assignment which is given to him for holidays.
  • Please do not apply for 'leave' for the child for minor celebrations or functions at home. This disturbs his/her studies and he/she lags behind the class.
  • You are requested to attend the major functions in the school. This will encourage and inspire our children.
  • We shall value your concrete suggestions for the betterment of the school.

About Us

Florets International School, an English Medium, Co-educational Institution affiliated to C.B.S.E., was established in Jan, 2003.

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Main : 99-F Block, Panki, Kanpur
Juniour : 106/386, P. Road, Lenin Park, Kanpur