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Parenting Counselling Session was organised on 3rd August, 2019 with aims to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance to the parents to support their children. The counsellors guided the parents to help their children face challenges in their life & become a good human beings. The counsellors Dr. Rolie Srivastava a child Adolescent health expert & Ms. Priyanka Antervedi- a certified Parenting & Career Counsellor were the facilitators of the day. Dr. Rolie Srivastava discussed the following points :- (a) Early parenting. (b) To make the child fearless. (c) children learn from their parent's behaviour. (d) The child should participate in everything without the fear of being 'FAIL'. (e) Inculcate the habit of 'READING' any book of their choice. (f) The parents should give common instructions to the child. (g) Make the child 'HAPPY' by being 'HAPPY'. (h) The women should love & respect themselves 'LOVE YOURSELF'. Ms. Priyanka Antervedi discussed the points as follows :- (a) Explained the meaning of the word PARENT PRESENCE, AFFECTION, REASONABLE, EFFECTIVENESS, NURTURING/NUTRITION, TOGETHERNESS. (b) The parent should inform the child the consequences of everything. (c) Parents should give quality time to their children. (d) Make the child feel free to talk his heart out. It was indeed a very knowledgeable session. The parents were instructed to be HAPPY to make their children HAPPY. The programme ended with National Anthem.

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